Universities in Europe

1.  University of Central Lancashire – UK

2. University of Bedfordshire – UK

3. Taylors College – Malaysia

4. Cyprus College – Cyprus

5. Czech College – Czech Republic

6. Ukrainian International Education Council

       For Medical, Pharmacy, Dental & Engineering Admissions

       In Colleges / Universities throughout the Ukraine

7.   Caucasus International University – Georgia Country

8.   New Vision University – Georgia Country

9.   Varna University of Management – Bulgaria

10.  American University in Bulgaria

11.  University of Nottingham Business School (NBS)- Bulgaria

12. BERRO Europe(UK) Ltd. In Bulgaria

       The Medical University in Varna

       The Medical University in Plovdiv

       The Medical University in Pleven

       The Medical University in Sofia

       The Technical University in Plovdiv

       The Technical University in Varna

       The University of Economics in Varna