Global Institute of IT Management

GIIM participants have access to over 300 recognized leaders from academia, management consulting, and IT/business practitioners from around the globe. The certificates endorsed by the worlds largest IT management associations, as well as our many corporate and academic affiliates are indicative of the quality and value of a GIIM digital management certificate.

32 digital management education certificates (over 130 courses) for IT and non-IT professionals

 Programs focus on the digital transformation of IT & business

 Faculty & adherence to accreditation standards authenticates our brand

 • Scalable/flexible programs, available online & face-to-face

CIO Certification: 1. Leadership in Business-IT Management Executive Certificates 2-10. Digital Industry (e.g., Finance, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Engineering, Telecom, Government, Petroleum, Hospitality, Transportation, Marketing) 11.IT for the Non-IT Executive 12.Managing IT Vendors & Outsourcing (also for non-IT) 13.Business-IT Management Consulting 14.Business Process Management 15.Supply Chain Management 16.Managing IT Legal Issues 17.IT Human Resource Considerations Technical Leadership Certificates 18.Deploying Data Technologies 19.Managing Data as an Asset 20.Managing Cloud Computing 21.IT Infrastructure Integration 22.IT Security Management 23.Social Business/Networking, Mobile Computing 24.Project Management 25.Software Engineering 26.Technology Enabled Learning 27-28 Workforce Development (Current & Emerging Tech) General Management Certificates 29.Effective English Business Communications 30.Non-IT Digital Marketing Certification (CMMP®) 31.IT Digital Marketing Certification (CMMP®) 32.IT Business/Management Considerations (e.g., finance, organizational behavior, accounting, statistics, economics, leadership)

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