Emerge Education can boast over 75 years combined experience in US higher education. Our leadership team has helped thousands of students realize their dream of earning a college degree. Our staff is highly trained and will always adhere to the NAFSA, Association of International Educators, standards for ethical conduct and advising.

We help schools, colleges, universities, governments, NGOs, associations and companies achieve their aspirational goals by maximising their potential. We provide powerful and sustainable solutions. Our service is based on commitment and dedication. Our principle guide is strategy. To compete in today’s dynamic global market, strategy is of essence.

To ensure that your needs are met in the best possible manner, we use: a systems approach to analyse the problem at hand and to provide you with the most comprehensive solution; scenario analysis to evaluate all possible solutions and understand the outcomes in a holistic manner; design thinking to enrich the creative process and engage all stakeholders in the viable solution.

Our strategy is built upon four pillars – research, innovation, transformation and empowerment. These four pillars define our toolkit and guide our work. Our solutions are sustainable because they are customized for each client’s needs. We do not provide off-the-shelf quick fixes!

We meticulously research the problem and your needs and develop custom innovations that are specific to your needs. We are guided by our mission to build capacity on the ground, by transferring knowledge and skills to you and your educational environment in a dynamic and self-actualizing way that enables an empowering transformation.

We will be providing various assistances and services to overseas self-funded students looking for higher education in Europe and in particular in Bulgaria in the fields of Medicine, Health, Engineering, Computing and Social Science (Business, Finance, Economics, etc.). Put it simply, the foreign student can obtain an EU Bachelor or Master degree in Bulgaria (taught in English) at a very low cost. The Bulgarian universities have relaxed enrolment procedures and the diplomas are automatically recognized across the EU (based on EU regulations/directives).

Since 2007, Education for Advancement (EFA) has assissted thousands of international students to select and pursue a wide range of academic and vocational education options to meet their personal and career needs. We recognize the investment and commitment required when making education decisions, and our goal is to offer access to education of the highest quality – either online, on-campus or a combination of both. Our strong partnerships with leading universities allow us to provide access to a broad selection of internationally accredited qualifications.

The Nottingham Business School as part of Nottingham Trent University is one of the most highly acclaimed universities in the UK. Offering a wide variety of courses for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, it’s no doubt one of the most popular in the UK as well. The University of Economics Varna is one of the oldest and most well known universities in Bulgaria. It was founded in the particular effort to provide higher studies in Economics and Commerce, and has since been providing such education to students in Bulgaria.The two universities have entered a partnership with their programs, and have thus been providing students with the experience of being able to study in both countries, which exposes them to both cultures, and diversifies their point of view of the world.

The Ukrainian International Education Council serves as a resource and advising center that provides informational and advising assistance to individuals and different organizations regarding opportunities to study in Ukraine. Situated in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv, the Ukrainian International Education Council strives to comprehensively assist in establishing and strengthening international academic contacts of the region in order to ensure its overall development and scientific potential.
Since 1999, the Ukrainian International Education Council has been dedicated to advancing professional standards for higher education in Ukraine, while expertly supporting our students through the transition from high school to university. The UIEC is certified organization with a group of dynamic and experienced management staff.