GIIM participants have access to over 300 recognized leaders from academia, management consulting, and IT/business practitioners from around the globe. The certificates endorsed by the worlds largest IT management associations, as well as our many corporate and academic affiliates are indicative of the quality and value of a GIIM digital management certificate.

32 digital management education certificates (over 130 courses) for IT and non-IT professionals

 • Programs focus on the digital transformation of IT & business

 • Faculty & adherence to accreditation standards authenticates our brand

 • Scalable/flexible programs, available online & face-to-face

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CIO Certification: 1. Leadership in Business-IT Management Executive Certificates

2-10. Digital Industry (e.g., Finance, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Engineering, Telecom, Government, Petroleum, Hospitality, Transportation, Marketing)

11.IT for the Non-IT Executive

12.Managing IT Vendors & Outsourcing (also for non-IT)

13.Business-IT Management Consulting

14.Business Process Management

15.Supply Chain Management

16.Managing IT Legal Issues

17.IT Human Resource Considerations Technical Leadership Certificates

18.Deploying Data Technologies

19.Managing Data as an Asset

20.Managing Cloud Computing

21.IT Infrastructure Integration

22.IT Security Management

23.Social Business/Networking, Mobile Computing

24.Project Management

25.Software Engineering

26.Technology Enabled Learning

27-28 Workforce Development (Current & Emerging Tech) General Management Certificates

29.Effective English Business Communications

30.Non-IT Digital Marketing Certification (CMMP®)

31.IT Digital Marketing Certification (CMMP®)

32.IT Business/Management Considerations (e.g., finance, organizational behavior, accounting, statistics, economics, leadership)

Stratford University is a 40 years old private institution of higher learning. The student body is diverse, including recent high school graduates, working professionals, international students, and persons desiring to change their career fields. The mission of Stratford University is to prepare students for rewarding careers through quality educational programs that meet the changing needs of employers and the community. In order to meet this mission, the University offers a variety of certificate, diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, and graduate programs in emerging and high employment demand fields.

Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award certificate, diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, Stratford University delivers quality education to students. ACICS is listed as a national recognized accreditation agency by the U.S. Department of Education.

Stratford is also accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF), assuring that we meet the standards and competencies set for faculty, curriculum, and student services.  Stratford University is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) to operate campuses in Virginia.

London Online College (LOC) is approved by ATHE –a UK awarding body. ATHE is regulated by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) which is the independent regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and of vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. This means you can be assured that we are working to the highest standards. These programmes can be run in Campus worldwide by Schools / Institutes/ College/ Universities in partnership with LOC.   Whether, you are hoping to upgrade your abilities, enhance your team or network or seek an expert training, the London Online College’s learning pathways can furnish you with all you require. The London Online College conveys the online college pathway programs with full Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards to bright students from all sides of the world. Students can quick track their way through to a UK University Qualification on grounds or by separate learning.

Our online modules based which enable students to realize what they need, when they need and how they need and have been intended to encourage a significantly speedier, more moderate and drawing in approach to learn. With an all day, every day student organizing a stage writemypapers, individual dashboards, 1-2-1 online instructional exercises and sessions, aggregate online classes and bank of pre-recorded team activities webcasts, the London Online College furnishes students with all the help that they have to prevail with regards to building up their expert aptitude base and accomplish a college capability.

Cademix Institute of Technology; the premier and personalized Education, Research and Innovation Institute in the Heart of Europe. Our Mission is to make High Tech Knowledge accessible to every one. The focus of Cademix is on Computer Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, mixed Media. As a result, the Cademix offers wide range of multidisciplinary educational and career acceleration programs in Science, Engineering, Management, Entrepreneurship and Digital Art.

Innovation is the second half cycle, and it’s more relevant to the society. It starts with the innovation based on the available knowledge. Then it goes to the product development and engineering services, followed by marketing and sale. Once the sale is done, the cycle is complete, and the system is financially sustainable.

These define our major business sectors. Our Education Departments and Research groups offer personalized pathways required in industry. They work with our Career Development Center that offers tech career acceleration programs.

The departments of Physics, and ICT and Engineering provide expertise in high tech fields including computer simulation, 3D printing, AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Industry 4.0. The department of Digital art, covers topics related to computer aided design, video production, digital art and multimedia. And the department of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship covers the leadership, technology management, team and business development fields. On the Innovation side, we have the Engineering Service Consulting, and the digital Marketing Services, which work closely with our Animation Studios and offer the complete pipeline for video production.  

In today’s fast-paced global business environment, engaging in life-long learning is crucial to ensuring that your skills remain relevant to employers. Online learning technology and mobile devices have made pursuing a degree more affordable, and more flexible from a time management perspective, than ever before. Key West University’s small average class size (15 students) and Personal Learning Advisors ensure that every student gets the individualized support they need to complete their studies.

KWU faculty and staff members believe that the academic and career success of our students is our top priority.

Key West University (KWU) is a 100% online university. The university was founded by a group of international business and education professionals with over 40 years of combined experience. Their ties with the global business community give them a strong understanding of the skills students need to build successful careers in both business and law.

No entry exams required: Applying to KWU is a straightforward process.

Graduate in less time: Transfer previously earned credits.

Study on your terms: Access courses 24/7 from your mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC.

Learn from experts: Collaborate with experienced U.S. and international instructors, in addition to global business experts.

Career planning and job search assistance: These services are provided free of charge to all students and alumni.

Key West University is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education to offer bachelor, master and doctorate level degree programs (license # 5988).

Emerge Education can boast over 75 years combined experience in US higher education. Our leadership team has helped thousands of students realize their dream of earning a college degree. Our staff is highly trained and will always adhere to the NAFSA, Association of International Educators, standards for ethical conduct and advising.

We help schools, colleges, universities, governments, NGOs, associations and companies achieve their aspirational goals by maximising their potential. We provide powerful and sustainable solutions. Our service is based on commitment and dedication. Our principle guide is strategy. To compete in today’s dynamic global market, strategy is of essence.

To ensure that your needs are met in the best possible manner, we use: a systems approach to analyse the problem at hand and to provide you with the most comprehensive solution; scenario analysis to evaluate all possible solutions and understand the outcomes in a holistic manner; design thinking to enrich the creative process and engage all stakeholders in the viable solution.

Our strategy is built upon four pillars – research, innovation, transformation and empowerment. These four pillars define our toolkit and guide our work. Our solutions are sustainable because they are customized for each client’s needs. We do not provide off-the-shelf quick fixes!

We meticulously research the problem and your needs and develop custom innovations that are specific to your needs. We are guided by our mission to build capacity on the ground, by transferring knowledge and skills to you and your educational environment in a dynamic and self-actualizing way that enables an empowering transformation.

We will be providing various assistances and services to overseas self-funded students looking for higher education in Europe and in particular in Bulgaria in the fields of Medicine, Health, Engineering, Computing and Social Science (Business, Finance, Economics, etc.). Put it simply, the foreign student can obtain an EU Bachelor or Master degree in Bulgaria (taught in English) at a very low cost. The Bulgarian universities have relaxed enrolment procedures and the diplomas are automatically recognized across the EU (based on EU regulations/directives).

Since 2007, Education for Advancement (EFA) has assissted thousands of international students to select and pursue a wide range of academic and vocational education options to meet their personal and career needs. We recognize the investment and commitment required when making education decisions, and our goal is to offer access to education of the highest quality – either online, on-campus or a combination of both. Our strong partnerships with leading universities allow us to provide access to a broad selection of internationally accredited qualifications.

The Nottingham Business School as part of Nottingham Trent University is one of the most highly acclaimed universities in the UK. Offering a wide variety of courses for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, it’s no doubt one of the most popular in the UK as well. The University of Economics Varna is one of the oldest and most well known universities in Bulgaria. It was founded in the particular effort to provide higher studies in Economics and Commerce, and has since been providing such education to students in Bulgaria.The two universities have entered a partnership with their programs, and have thus been providing students with the experience of being able to study in both countries, which exposes them to both cultures, and diversifies their point of view of the world.

The Ukrainian International Education Council serves as a resource and advising center that provides informational and advising assistance to individuals and different organizations regarding opportunities to study in Ukraine. Situated in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv, the Ukrainian International Education Council strives to comprehensively assist in establishing and strengthening international academic contacts of the region in order to ensure its overall development and scientific potential.
Since 1999, the Ukrainian International Education Council has been dedicated to advancing professional standards for higher education in Ukraine, while expertly supporting our students through the transition from high school to university. The UIEC is certified organization with a group of dynamic and experienced management staff.